Warren Hansen has spent several years traveling the world, shooting productions of all kinds with some interesting people. He has worked with Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Ironside.

Specializing in commercials and also spent time working on features, documentaries, and music videos. He is one who excels in combining technology with creativity.

Warren started while the standard was shooting primarily on 35mm film, and he was one of the first beta testers for digital production. He was the first tester on the Arri D-20. Providing constant feedback and improvements. He currently shoots all modern digital formats and cameras including Panavision Arriflex, Red, and Sony. He excels at operating and has a passion for handheld as well as remote hotheads.

Having found a home in worldwide production he quickly learned to work well across continents with different crews, creatives, and sensibilities. He has a passion to communicate well and problem solve across cultures and with large teams.

Warren is now bringing this creative experience forward into 3D illustration and modeling.  

On set with Arby's